Executive Kitchen and Bath has been performing kitchen and bath renovation for 10 years and our philosophy has been different the entire time. Executive believes in keeping overhead low to keep pricing competitive and give our clients the highest value for their dollar. Because of that philosophy, Executive doesn’t believe in a costly showroom or warehouse. Instead, we do everything in your home and bring our knowledge and expertise to your doorstep. We work with all the National cabinet companies as well as local custom cabinet companies that allows us to find the right fit for your lifestyle and needs.

We manage every aspect of your kitchen or bath project with a high attention to detail, professional service and integrity. This allows our team to seamlessly transition from blueprints to final product, on time, with high quality and on budget.

Our design services are free and every project will be designed in 3D CAD allowing you to see your project in real time. We will walk you through every step of the process, everything from maximizing your space, picking a cabinet style and color, to selecting the perfect piece of granite or tile. Our professional services and vast resources set us apart from other kitchen and bath companies.

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